Oct 162014
Big Thanks to Our 2014 Sponsors

Once again our loyal and generous sponsors for the 2014 Soque River Ramble have graciously provided the funding and resources in support of our premier outdoor event in northern Habersham County. Many of our sponsors are small business people who carefully weigh where to direct their donation dollars each year and we are happy that [...]

Oct 112014

Gretchen Vanderbunt and Robin Workman are working hard to make the Batesville Fall Festival another success this year. The Batesville Fall Festival is held the same Saturday (October 25) as the Soque River Ramble and provides food, entertainment, and local arts & crafts for locals and visitors to enjoy. Gretchen and Robin recently opened the [...]

Oct 072014
2014 Ramble T-shirt Goes "Electric Green"

The Soque River Ramble is known for having great t-shirts each year with an ecletic mix of color and the comedic.  Earlier this fall we introduced our event graphic parodying a well-recognizable painting, which is proudly displayed on the front of this year’s t-shirt in gold, red and blue tones. The t-shirt color harkens back [...]

Aug 312014
2014 Event Graphic Parodies Famous Painting

If this year’s event graphic looks strikingly familiar to you, you probably recognize the strong likeness to another great American iconic image: If you guessed American Gothic by Grant Wood, then you may also know that American Gothic has been parodied probably more than any other famous painting, especially when it comes to pop culture [...]