2013 Soque River Ramble Event Graphic – First Look!

BW No Date Clean LARGE v2Thanks to John Burke of John Burke Music for the early conception of the idea and to Jason Fowler of Bluegraphics in Alto for the wonderful creative work, we’ve completed the 2013 Soque River Ramble event graphic that will be included on all marketing materials and incorporated into the design for this year’s t-shirt.

The inspiration for the graphic came from the old metal signs that were common in the 30s, 40s, & 50s that might have been posted inside retail establishments and on the exteriors of buildings, many of which have become collector’s items today.

The color version will be forthcoming as it appears on this year’s t-shirt a couple of weeks before the event. This is another great t-shirt for your collection so I encourage everyone to go ahead and pre-register for the event to insure that you receive the t-shirt on event day!

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