2014 Event Graphic Parodies Famous Painting

If this year’s event graphic looks strikingly familiar to you, you probably recognize the strong likeness to another great American iconic image:

American Gothic Painting

2014 SRR Event Graphic - Color Graphic 082114If you guessed American Gothic by Grant Wood, then you may also know that American Gothic has been parodied probably more than any other famous painting, especially when it comes to pop culture icons and celebrities. So naturally we saw our opportunity to spoof the image with our own version suitable for this year’s event graphic and upcoming collectible t-shirt.

For the third year in a row we asked Jason Fowler of Bluegraphics to design our event graphic around a familiar image that reminds one of the past history of north Georgia. Jason is a great artist and illustrator who can take an idea and create from “scratch” any design that can be used on t-shirts and other marketing materials.

We appreciate Bluegraphics and owner David Overton for providing the design and creation of our high quality t-shirt that is available to each participant.

Make plans now to get your own collectible 2014 Soque River Ramble t-shirt by signing up for the event today!

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