2014 Ramble T-shirt Goes “Electric Green”

2014 SRR Event T-shirtThe Soque River Ramble is known for having great t-shirts each year with an ecletic mix of color and the comedic.  Earlier this fall we introduced our event graphic parodying a well-recognizable painting, which is proudly displayed on the front of this year’s t-shirt in gold, red and blue tones.

The t-shirt color harkens back to the dazzling “DayGlo” green that was popular during the the days of black lights, beads, and bell bottoms. The combination of colors is eye-catching and is a must-addition to your collection. Not only would it look good on you, it would even look good on the wall next to your lava lamp and macrame hangings.

So if for no other reason than to get a great t-shirt, register now for our event on October 25 and join in on the outdoor fun!

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