Hunter’s Moon on October 29

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For those of you leaving your house in the pre-daylight hours on Saturday morning to come to our event in the Batesville community, you may have the pleasure of seeing a nearly full moon (94% full) during your drive to the event site on Old Chimney Mountain Road as the moon casts its bright light across the mountains and valleys in northern Habersham County.

The full moon phase known as the Hunter’s Moon will occur on October 29, 2012 as it coincides with the time of year when native Americans would historically use the bright moonlight to hunt for meat to store up for the coming winter.

The current weather report for the day of the Ramble (October 27) calls for nearly clear skies with a low temperature in the upper 40s at sunrise, with a rapid warm-up into the upper 60s by noon, which will set the conditions for a stellar day to be in the mountains of northeast Georgia.

Wear your sweatshirts and warm-ups on Saturday morning as you will need them to be comfortable prior to the start of the 1K Fun Run at 8:30A followed by the 6K Run & Walk at 9:00A. The new race day t-shirts will be given out AFTER you cross the finish line.

To register for the event, follow this link to the registration page.

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