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. . . “Thanks again to the whole dang crowd–all the great sponsors and the volunteers and the musicians and Marlan Wilbanks and the designer of that TRULY custom shirt–and I hope to see you all next year.

–Nancy W. – 2014 Participant

“Thanks always enjoy this race such a beautiful place.”

–RaDonna P. – 2014 Participant
“I wanted to thank you for putting on such a fantastic event! Saturday was the first time I’ve ever run the Soque 6K, and it was also the second race I’ve ever run and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. Can’t wait till next year!”

–Anna S. – 2011 Participant

“The shirt is awesome!! Thank you so much and I will see you guys for next years run! I will run next year and bring a car load of folks to run with me.”

–Frances A. – 2011 Participant

   “Please express my appreciation to all your volunteers; it takes a HUGE amount of effort to put this event on every year, and you all do an incredible job. Hugs as well to all the generous sponsors, and to the landowner of that beautiful property who gives us access each year.”

–Nancy W.  – 2010 Participant

“Thanks for the nice job everyone did in hosting the run on Saturday!  It is a beautiful course and the traffic was very well managed for the runners.   Registration was well organized and after race refreshments and awards were excellent.”

–Tony P. – 2010 Participant

“This was my first race EVER and my first 6k.  I had a blast and was physically challenged.  My goal is to train and place in my category for next year.  Thanks for all you do for this event and for the Soque!”

–Scarlett F. – 2009 Participant

“Thanks for a good race: you should really advertise this as the most scenic race in Georgia……..because it really is.”

–Bucky W.  – 2009 Participant

“Many thanks to you and all involved with the Soque River Ramble, including, of course, the generous sponsors for a job well done! There were four of us from Toccoa who ran and we all enjoyed the race. Everyone was helpful, the course was well marked with volunteers and signs, the awards were great and the post race food was wonderful! We do plan to be back next year and hopefully bring even more runners with us. Maybe we can put in a special order for no rain the night before?  :-)) Once again thanks for a job well done!”

–Donna P.  – 2009 Participant

“We REALLY enjoyed it!  It was the most beautiful race. I loved it. We will be there next year. It was a good race…Just the right amount of hills and level ground. Thanks again!!”

–Tiffany C. – 2009 Participant

“I would like to thank you.   The run was AMAZING I had a great time.  Everything ran smoothly and I really enjoyed it and fell in love with Batesville will do again next year.”

–Amanda F. – 2008 Participant

“. . . The race was spectacular.  You guys have really worked hard.  It is probably the best race I have ever been involved with.  You can’t beat the scenery.”

–Brent B. – 2008 Participant

“It was was a great event!  Well organized and how did you orchestrate such a beautiful day??!!!
This was my very first event–my goal was just to finish it…and i brought home a mug!!  So glad I was a walker so I could enjoy the scenery.  We will return next year and the next….”

–Allison B. – 2008 Participant

“The 2007 and 2008 events were very enjoyable to me.  Last year stimulated me to get serious about my activity level and I entered my first event since Apirl 1978 with a goal to finish less than 50 minutes and I made it at 49 plus minutes.  As an extra bonus I placed third in my age group (what a surprise).  This year I had a goal of 45 minutes and made it in 39 plus minutes but the competition was stronger this year and I finished 6th for my age group.  I have not participated in any other events because this one seems unique and special to me.  Thanks for your work in making this happen.”

–Louis G.  – 2008 Participant

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